What is Hdmi Capture?

HDMI capture is a technology option like other alternative methods, it is a way to record HD video in real time. The main different is HDMI port is used for the source of recording. Audio and video transferred via HDMI port as combined, it offers 720p/1080i/1080p video image quality. When we check the market we have seen a lot of devices support HD video and have the ability to record.

However, the micro processors within these devices are not powerfull and offer low-quality recording performance. As an example, camcorders capable of recording up to 1440p. You can exceed these limits by using the HDMI capture card and getting uncompressed raw hd video up to 1080p to record and edit.

Hdmi Capture as 1080p quality

What is Hdmi Capture?Until now, component port (red + green + blue) or firewire was using to capture HD video. However, these ports have their own limits, as an example max 1080i video resolution can be captured through the component port. As we know current max video format 1080p. Altought this value exceed with 3d, 1080p is a standart for HD broadcast at the moment. There are nearly two times difference between 1080i and 1080p in the density of data process that requires to record HD format. The standart computer processor is not sufficent to capture real time data for this process. To meet this need a special HDMI capture card and software are needed. So far, expensive video producer equipments are used for this area. By the changing new technology these products become accessible to end users.

Using a Hdmi Capture Card

Opposite to general thoughts using of these cards and implement are very easy. The thing to note before you start buying process the your existing system must fulfill the necessary conditions. Nevertheless, although the card has processor, the load falls on your computer’s processor to make a serious work. In addition to the uncompressed format real time record on a hard drive consists of an intensive exchange of data. According to the HD format, hard drive recording speed is crucial . One hdd sometimes enough to record but in some cases the disk clusters (disk array) may be require.

Most Popular & Affordable Hdmi Capture Card

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro - HDMI a..

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro - HDMI and Analog Editing Card

More Details

  • Type: Internal PCI-Express
  • Capture Port: HDMI and Analog Inputs
  • Capture Software: Included
  • Resolution: 1080p,1080i,720p
  • Compatibility: Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Nowadays, This model is a product that the most frequently discussed. You can see it by making a little research that it has been used some of the projects as succesfully. Whatever the reason is used, this model who want to capture through HDMI port it offers the perfect solution for users who do not have a very big budget.

Blackmagic company known as they produced quality products on this area. It is suitable for users who want an affordable solution to record Hd capture and make your own computer. By installing this card to your own computer’s PCI-Express slot you can watch the same data real time via HD tv or monitor when recording with this card. This option is perfect especially by game players.

While playing a game you don’t have to switch each side. Source hdmi port should be hook up to capture cards input port and hd tv’s cable should be pluged to cards hdmi out port. Not, you may also need an extra hdmi cable. If you don’t have an installation experience before it is advisable to read How to Get HDMI Capture Ready page.

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