How to Get Hdmi Capture Ready

Many people worry about the best way for hd capture ready because HD technology has generated some confusion about how exactly to build hd equipment along with various parts that you’ll need in order to create a hd capture ready system using 1080p.

Luckily, it is really not essentially complicated getting hd ready in case you are properly educated on what to do and what equipment you need everything running properly. We now have generated this article to help you get hd ready with the least amount of troubles.

There are several key elements to becoming hdmi capture ready: Hdmi Source, Hdmi Capture Card, Capture Software, Good Harddisk IO, HDMI Cable. Spend some time to check all of these essential devices to become hd capture ready.

1. Hdmi Source

The bluray often as the first source comes to our mind as a source of HD, but the satellite devices, Xbox 360, PlayStation3, camcorder and any device has HDMI port may be our HD source. Examples of sources are non-HDCP protected movie, documentary, clip, sport programs, game console can be captured as real-time. The important point is to record the hd video output format, target recorder device should provide the necessery pre-conditions and compliance. Source format can varies between hd 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

2. Hdmi Capture Card

As previously mentioned, The HD video can not be captured as directly. In any case, you will need to use a capture card. We mentioned this issue in more detail before the current page, I will not go into details, but the important point is that it is a part of the puzzle. You can check the details from hdmi capture card page.

3. Hdmi Capture Software

Despite all the capture devices usually come with their own capture software, but these softwares have basic features and work with pre-set settings, and so they are not recommended by professionals. Because the special produced capture softwares can provide the possibility of recording in various formats through the codecs. As an example, you can record as mpeg, mov, avi and bluray data. If you have a plan to edit, delete part or add special effects to hd video you record that it is essential to use hd video capture software.

Altought the many applications available on the market of such operation, the industry adopted the names of both programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro or whatever your best capture software.

4. Enough Harddisk IO

This section varies depending on what format do to capture. Because it is known, the HD video formats differ according to the format you choose to record the size of the data. Especially given that record uncompressed format, instant record of information to be way higher than normal density. The following table includes information on the data needs to be saved on harddisk as realtime according to the format you choose.


Uncompressed Video
Standart Definition 4:2:2
Frame Size MB per Second MB per Minute GB per Hour
720x486x29,97 fps NTSC 21.5 1288 75.5
720x576x25 fps PAL 21.2 1274.4 75
High Definition 4:2:2
1280x720px59.94 fps 106.8 6409.7 375.6
1920x1080p/50i 100.3 6020.5 352.8
1920x1080p/59.94i 120 7199.9 421.9

The research data taken from Blackmagic.

HD capture process, information is written in the form of blocks. If your computer has not enough disk IO, you will encounter video frame loose issues. you can use a basic disk array box to pass the required IO. The purpose of using these array boxes, they have more than one hard drive to appear as a single virtual disk to gain write speed and performance. SATA disks are generally attached together for cost effective arrays with excellent speed and capacity. In RAID 0 mode minimum 2 harddisks work like a single harddisk. But you can combine unlimited harddisks, actualy this limit is depend on which raid card and disk type you use. You can read more information about RAID system on wikipedia.

G-Technology G-RAID 2 TB Dual External H..

G-Technology G-RAID 2 TB Dual External Hard Drive

More Details

  • 200+ MB/second data transfer rates via eSATA port
  • High-speed interface eSATA, FireWire 800 (FireWire 400 via cable) and USB 2.0 ports
  • High-speed, low-cost RAID designed specifically for professional content creation applications
  • Thermo-regulated, quiet smart fan
  • Supports multi-stream HDV, DVCPro HD, XDCAM HD, ProRes 422 and uncompressed SD workflows

5. HDMI Cable

To be hdmi capture ready the final piece that we needed is hdmi cable. Most hdmi sources usually come with a single hdmi cable. This is why you must take an extra hdmi cable. HDMI cables are different versions currently used to transfer hd audio with 1080p video. Most of the capture cards let you preview your clips with full frame rate for accurate review in real time data when you record. It is a good habit to use certified hdmi cable to get best performance. So, This is a simple cable without it all your efforts will be wasted. Such as other computer cables they are usually sold in length 6 feets will work fine. However, choosing the appropriate distance cable would be good for performance.

Mediabridge HDMI Cable (15 Feet) Support..

Mediabridge HDMI Cable (15 Feet) Supports 4K@60Hz, High Speed, Hand-Tested, HDMI 2.0 Ready - UHD, 18Gbps, Audio Return Channel

More Details

  • Premium grade connector shielding achieved via the use of a unique full metal jacket (as pictured in the picture section).
  • Supports 3D Technology, 4K, Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 1440p and 1080p FullHD Resolution
  • Category 2 Certified - High-Speed 10.2 gbps / 340 MHz (Supports Increased Refresh Rates and 48-Bit Deep Color)
  • Fully Shielded Heavy Duty 28 Gauge Premium Grade Cable with Soft PVC Jacket
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