Hdmi Capture Card

best hdmi capture card Hdmi capture card selection is the most important part of the process that have a succesfull HD Video recording experience. So many products exist at market and have been produced for entry-level to professionel users. Requirement will not be the same, for a person who wants to record the gameplay or camcorder and one needs to produce a HD video by editing uncompressed raw format like Hollywood movies. We can not understand the differences only by examining in prices. When we examine the models at store, we see internal (PCI-Express), external (USB3), PCMCIA types. Some models has limited video resolution support, like 720p. Before you buy a hdmi capture card, you should decide which model would be best for your system. You can see the some of the hdmi capture cards at market.

Which Hdmi Capture Card Should I Choose?

  • Internal: HDMI Capture Cards do very intensive process when recording a HD video. Todays, the fastest and offers the highest data transfer slot on the computer motherboard is PCI-Express. This is why the PCI-Express slot is choosed for this purpose.
    Techniqually, PCI-E use a full-duplex channels called lane and transfer 250 mb/s on each channel as bi-directionality. According to the latest PCI-E spec it can be 32 lane format, so 250mb/s x 32lanes x 2(bi-directionality) that means it can handle 16 gb/s such a huge data simultaneously.
  • External: Connection between your computer and card estabilished via USB3.0 port. Because, only this port is suitable for such a heavy transaction. Definitely USB2.0 is not suitable for these operations. If you do not have this port on your computer, this problem can be exceeded with an USB 3.0 extension module. Eventually, New laptops start to come with this port.
  • Pcmcia: These models offer a special solution for notebook users in this form.

Hdmi Capture Card 1080p Resolution

hdmi capture card 1080p recordingAs mentioned before, 1080p is the most advanced version in HD broadcasts. Unfortunately, There is no 1080p recording support on every capture card. In fact, 1080p is very intensive according to other formats, although the target device must support this format. You can not see the 1080p video difference on target device that support max 1080i. Compliance with the target and source devices are important in that respect.

Buying a Hdmi Capture Card

With no knowledge of more information on your HD capture demands and goals, it is sometimes complicated to suggest a particular capture card which you should buy. Some people could be on a tight budget and will also be perfectly satisfied with a less expensive 1080i HDMI capture card, while other people can be picky about video quality and Their willing to spend more to obtain the highest quality HD capture card. We can easily suggest a low-end and a high-end HD capture card to at least point you in the right direction to make an educated decision.

Cheap Hdmi Capture Card

Any cheap hdmi capture card on the market generally will support up to 720p/1080i. At first glance, this seems a minus but if you do not need high expectation on this process than these type of cards will give you a good yield. It will offer enough success for the game recorders and camcorder users. As an example, below capture card supports up to 1080i.

AVerMedia HD DVR High Definition / Analo..

AVerMedia HD DVR High Definition / Analog Video Capture Card PCI-E, HDMI, RCA Composite, Component,  S-Video, Win 10 (C027)

More Details

  • Type: Internal PCI-E
  • Capture Port: HDMI and Analog Inputs
  • Resolution: 1080i
  • Capture Software: Included
  • Compatibility: Windows 7

For a good game video or camcorder capturing experience from a 720p/1080i, the Avertv HD DVR is a good choice for all those on a tight budget. It comes with a single hdmi port and analog inputs for capturing purposes. It supports max 1080i capturing HD video from these ports. In our experinces, this card ideal for those who wish to digitize video clips of some sort. You’ll be able to record older VHS movies or camcorder tapes, video game console. The card manages the majority of recording tasks pretty well. You possibly can connect nearly any device by utilizing one of the ports (component /svideo/ composite) that comes with this device. If you’ve never had a capture card before, this can be a fantastic and cost-effective solution to start. Only one drawback is, it has only one hdmi input port, you will not have an opportunity to watch acting video on HDTV realtime.

Best Hdmi Capture Card

Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle for ..

Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0 (BINTSSHU)

More Details

  • Type: External Usb3
  • Capture Port: HDMI and Analog Inputs
  • Capture Software: Included
  • Software: Major editing softwares supported
  • Resolution: 1080p,1080i,720p
  • Compatibility: Windows 7

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